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Find a new way to work:

Green Net

Looking for an ethical kind of job or wishing to volunteer? Here's a list of vacancies!

Act directly on financial actors and keep informed about their actions


BankTrack is a network of  civil society organisations and individuals tracking the operations of the private financial sector (commercial banks, investors, insurance companies, pension funds) and its effect on people and the planet.

A book to change the world


A Better World is Possible

A whole chapter of a book is online and provides a list of ideas in which each of us can improve our society

« we have experienced the transformation of anger about economic globalization into a politics of hope for the future.

Hope lies in many factors, from the declining legitimacy of the key institutions of

corporate globalization to the flowering of citizen groups and people’s movements to the

emergence of new governments that reject the old models. Most fundamentally, the hope

lies in the remarkable spectrum of alternatives »

A whole list of actions you can take and letters to sign:


A programme you may want to watch to have a look at all sides of an issue

The Doha debates

Debates on hot topics with an intransigeant and brilliant host. Can be watched online or on the outsatnding channel: BBC World.

Podcasts to make you feel good!

The Naked Scientist: Science with "British sense of Humour"!

Zencast et Audiodharma: Gil Fronsdal explains how to get intimate with oneself, how to be in the present. Fun, simple, obvious, deep...